Car Emissions Effects

Car Emissions Effects

Car emissions have been on the rise in North America each and every year now for the past while and it appears that most people don’t really want to pay attention to the issue at hand because more and more cars are on the road. The number one emission problem is CO2 and this is causing our atmosphere to crumble apart and it’s not good for anyone. Everyone needs to begin to realize that they need to find alternative means of energy to power their vehicles or they need to stop using their vehicles as much.

With gas prices soaring higher and higher each day it should help keep some of the cars off of the road, and hopefully some of the big truck owners have to keep their trucks in park while the gas prices are high. Millions of trucks are sold each year and they are causing the most CO2 emissions into our air and it’s causing the environment lots of problems which will cause us problems in the near future. If something isn’t done about the amount people drive then soon something catastrophic is going to happen.

Almost all of the car manufactures in North America have announced that they will be releasing some sort of alternative energy model vehicle throughout the year.

It is believed that passenger cars generate maximum amount of harmful emissions that results in ecological imbalance. As car manufacturers started understanding the significance of ecological imbalance, they started hunting for ways and measure to reduce automotive emissions and protect environment.

Many Indian car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, and Honda are presently working on their green projects to ensure protection to the environment and even help car owners to reduce their fuel bills.
With the advent of technology, more and more advanced engines and alternative fuels are introduced to widespread the urgency of protecting the environment. These days, the trend of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is increasing in the car industry. These alternative fuels are believed to reduce the burden on environment by producing lower level of emissions.
Some of the car manufacturers in India are also looking at water and air as alternative fuel. Though that’s a long way to go but if these are introduced as fuel in the Indian car market, the industry will definitely witness a new dawn.

The savings on gas over the long haul will be greater then the cost of the green cars being introduced to us and it means that buying a green car is the smart choice. It not only will help the environment for our children but it will also save us for having to buy gas off of crooks, who continually raise the price of gas.

Sir Mark, chairman of the United Nations’ Foundation for the Global Compact, which raises fund to perk up sustainability, has this to say: “We need very tough regulation saying that you can’t drive or build something less than a certain standard. You would be allowed to drive an Aston Martin – but only if it did 50-60mpg.

He noted making people with less fuel-efficient cars pay more in road and fuel tax would simply let the rich avoid taking responsibility for tackling climate change. “You can buy the roomiest, vroomiest car, as long as it meets the efficiency standard. We have driven a hybrid since 2001 and it is a beautiful piece of engineering,” added Sir Mark, now a chairman of mining group Anglo American.

United Kingdom’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said Sir Mark’s call was not helpful. “This is a really bizarre proposal. If we are trying to reduce emissions, it should not be confused by using other measurements. Our priority is to reduce, which will have the knock-on effect of improving engine efficiencies,” the society’s spokesperson said.

Carrom Boards The Board Of Coins And Strikers

Carrom Boards The Board Of Coins And Strikers

Carrom is a famous table top game and a mixture of billiards and shuffle boards game. Carrom boards are the materials used to play the carrom game. Carrom has the verbal meaning (i.e.) it cause to rebound off something.

1. The general meaning of board is a flat surface. Carrom is similar to pool game but differs in some aspects. It is one of the board games played with some plan of action to achieve a goal. Split the word carrom as car+ rom, “car” is an automobile which has the ability to move fast and “rom” in terms of computer is read only memory.

2. So the carrom has the meaning as, be fast in striking the coins and read the board and decide your play. Carrom boards are one of the necessary things to play the game. Generally it exists in different sizes in different countries. Playing carrom game involves some deliberate collision of striking by hand.

3. Carrom boards are there with different types and varieties. The type of boards going to use depends upon the users. If you are newly playing, you can use a trainer carrom board which exists in different star rates. In similar way the types of boards available are club, extreme, jumbo and tournament carrom board which suits different types of users.

4. A coin is a hard material which has some standard weight and has a round shape. It is an important member in the family of carrom. To play a carrom nineteen coins of three colors are needed, with white and black in nine quantities and red in one. Coins are the transactions in a game; they are transacted to the corner holes.

5. The different categories in coins are bullet shots-professional, break to finish professional set, champion gold star and tournament amateur coins which satisfies the different users. Each of these is made in the thickness of 8mm and diameter 30mm with a weight of 6gms.

6. Strikers are the motivators in carrom they help in striking the coin. While striking the striker, collision plays a role that is we are applying some force and the concept of velocity is used. Boards and coins have no value without the strikers. Ball striker- professional, tournament professional winning amateur etc are the different types of strikers available. These are made with thickness of 8mm and diameter of 41mm and a weight of 12gm.

7. Accessories is an optional tool used, the different accessories used are carrom board cover, carrom board stand, replacement mesh, score counter and carrom powder. Carrom powder enhances resistance free play area and exists in different grams.

8. Some care has to be given to carrom boards. Apply only little quantity of powder to each games and don’t use two different powders, protect your board from dust by providing carrom board cover, boards should be kept in a cool place to avoid damages to the board so you can use carrom stand for perfect support. Use replacement mesh to repair the corner pockets on the board.

3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Garbage Trucks

3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Garbage Trucks

Some essential information that you should know about garbage trucks are that they have basic parts which include the engine, frame and wheels; their distinctive features are the hopper and the packer blade; and they have different loading mechanisms.
Garbage trucks are essential for waste management. These trucks have gone from being simple trash-collecting vehicles to being complicated machines with big truck parts over the years. Here are some valuable information for you to know about garbage trucks in the event that you are planning on purchasing one, or if you are simply curious:
Basic parts include the engine, frame and wheels
All garbage trucks have the same fundamental parts including the engine, the frame, and the wheels, in spite of the fact that there are many different trucks offering different features. What’s impressive about these three heavy-duty components is that they’re specifically designed for withstanding immense deal of pressure and carrying a lot of weight. Considering the truck’s engine, it usually uses a diesel engine and transmission, which allows low-end revolution, limited movement, and more pulling power and strength. And, of course, every garbage truck has a cab where the driver sits and operates the machine. There are some trucks that have controls on the outside other than the usual controls found in its cab.
The hopper and the packer blade are two distinct features that come with this vehicle
After the trashes are collected, most of the waste materials of the garbage truck are dumped into a huge and open space called the hopper. Some hoppers, however, have separate compartments that can be used to contain different kinds of trash. Compacters are hoppers that are outfitted with a packer blade. Packer blades are good in compressing garbage, so there will be more space in the hopper. A hydraulic system controls the packer blade and allows it to exert maximum pressure on garbage. The design of more modern garbage trucks allows you to simultaneously operate the packer blades while driving the truck. The features that set the garbage truck apart from other vehicles are its hopper and packer blade.
A variety of loading mechanisms
Garbage trucks have different loading mechanisms. The back loader is the most frequently used loading configuration of most garbage trucks, and it is common in most trucks in many neighborhoods. These particular garbage trucks have an opening in the back that connects directly to a hopper. Sometimes they even possess a hydraulic lift that can haul and dump trash into the hopper. Other trucks are configured with a front loader, which is ordinarily used for collecting garbage from dumpsters. This kind of garbage truck is usually utilized by large businesses and commercial buildings. Front loading trucks feature forks at the front of the truck which can be connected to corresponding dumpsters which are then tilted over the truck so its contents can be dumped into the hopper. Side loaders are another type which has doors installed at the truck’s sides and are connected to the hopper. Recycling trucks with multiple hoppers for different wastes have side loaders. Additionally, some side loaders are also designed with automatic lift features.
Like many equipment, garbage trucks are constantly innovated to suit different demands and situations. Understanding this equipment will allow for better and more effective maintenance and repairs.

Akuma Motorcycle Helmets by Helmet Industry

Akuma Motorcycle Helmets by Helmet Industry

Akuma is a relatively small and new company comparing to the rest that have been in the game for decades. Where Akuma lacks in experience, they compromise by offering one of the most technological equipped helmets out there. Their trademark feature, the patented IPS (Integrated Power System) system comes in almost every helmet that they offer.

The IPS is basically a configuration of the way Akuma was able to put a charging system in the helmet in such a way where it does not compromise safety. With the charging system in place where safety is not affected, Akuma was then able to put a LED light on the front and rear of the helmet to provide lighting for the rider at night. This bright LED lighting can for example help the rider read a map while on the side of the road at night without removing the helmet and getting an external flashlight. In addition to the bright white LED at the front of the helmet, at the rear,located in the each exhaust ventilation of the helmet is two infrared LED. This Infrared lighting is a bonus because it enhances the visibility of the rider by allowing car drivers on the road from behind the rider to see the rider much better.

In addition to their IPS integrated helmet, Akuma also offer some of the lightest carbon fiber helmets. The Phantom II MFR from Akuma weights only three pound, yet it meets and exceed DOT and ECE safety standard. Some of the more expensive fully carbon fiber helmet can weigh up to four pounds. One pound difference might not seem a lot but once the long hour of riding is factor in, one pound can be one too many because the neck muscle supporting the helmet will be worn out.

Even though Akuma offer helmets that are lightweight such as the Phantom II MFR fully carbon fiber and technologically advance helmet like the V-1 Ghostrider and V-2 Stealth that have integrated lighting system. However, those are only the tip of the ice berg for Akuma, what makes Akuma helmet truly astonishing, truly unique that makes them truly stand out from the rest of the group is the SOLFX Photochromatic visor. The SOLFX Photchromatic visor is the first visor by a helmet company ever to incorporate this new composite material. As a result, the SOLFX Photochromatic visor is patented by Akuma. The SOLFX Photochromatic material used by Akuma is nothing new and has been use in other application most notably in the transition glasses that many have seen but not really paid much attention to. The transition glasses turn dark once UV light touches the lens. This is usefully during bright days as too much UV light can damage the eye. Akuma takes the transition glasses that normal people wear and incorporate that feature on the visor of a helmet, as a result of that, the SOLFX Photochromatic visor sprung to live. This visor like the transition glasses transit to a darker shade as UV light hit the visor during a bright day. This will help the visibility of the rider, letting him or her see further down the road and making critical decision when needed without hampering the judgment of the rider due to the sun hitting the eye. This visor is truly one of a kind and is what make Akuma one of the best.

A Guide for Beginners on How to Maintain a Used Car

A Guide for Beginners on How to Maintain a Used Car

Do you have an old car that you want to renovate so that you can drive it on the street again? Or do you have second hand auto that you wished to maintain it but you don’t seem to know how? Well, this is an opportunity for you to know the simple guide for beginners in maintaining used and old cars. The fact that a car still has those significant pieces, that baby can be customized for better performance similar to a brand new model.

Getting to Know the Cost

Like most car fanatics, buying a second hand car is no big deal compared to a brand new car. Although, there is a quite amount of difference of price and performance, used cars could appear a brand new. Beginners should know that there is only a need of a little touch of creativeness and hard work for that used car to look as good as new. Not only that it would be replenished, the performance of these used cars can be upgrade even better. There is a certain amount of expense that you need to know in renovating used cars. Here are the basic things you should know in renovating used cars:

Auto repair estimate – Having known that used cars would probably face some difficulties; this is a need for car owners before going to the actual auto repair. As a responsible person, it is a must to have an auto repair estimate first because this would give you an advantage to know your expenses. This would prevent auto repair shops to overprice their services.

Car painting estimate – If a used car functions well, then you might get interested to customize the appearance. Most car owners do a car painting estimate beforehand, so that they will be able to know their expenses. This is a very important note for wise car owners. Like the auto repair costs, car painting could be a hassle to your budget if you don’t assess it properly.

Brake repair estimate – Most used cars are facing one common problem. They usually have brake problems due to neglect of previous owners. It is important to check for brake damages because this is what keeps the car from running. Buying a new car brake may cost a lot, which mean that brake repair is an economical choice. A used car wouldn’t be safe to drive if it has brake problems. As a careful and responsible driver, you should be able to have a brake repair estimate before going to auto repair shops. This would prevent you to have overpriced rates of brake repair because you have estimate the cost beforehand.

If you are interested on the best ways to keep your car to look brand new, then you should look for the available in store. These would furnish your dull cars to look presentable again. There are a variety of car waxes that you can choose from. Most car owners prefer to use liquid wax polish in furnishing their car because this has better effect on cars.

Commercial Truck Lease Purchase

Commercial Truck Lease Purchase

Commercial truck lease purchase and commercial truck lease purchase programs are gaining more popularity among our customers and it is easy to understand why. commercial truck lease purchase programs is a simple effective and convenient way to purchase a truck. To grow your business succesfully you will need to hold on to your working capital. In this case you will receive your equipment quickly without hassle so you can develop your business and continue expanding production.

Lease purchase agreement for commercial trucks is essentially a financial transaction. However you should know that there are not many companies out there that are able to fund the necessary equipment and deliver the lease on certain financial conditions as stated in the contract. When you lease purchase a commercial truck it can be from any manufacture. By financing a truck this way you can save alot of time and money.

Commercial trucks for lease purchase come by the dozen. Today in the continental US, more than 70% of all special equipment is done through a Lease purchase program. This method above all is more profitable, unlike a loan the conditions for both the lessor and for the lessee are very convenient.

Car Slogans in China: What Colour is your Future?

Car Slogans in China: What Colour is your Future?

Car Slogans in China: What Colour is your Future?
Written by Emily Zhang
As environment-friendly cars become an increasingly important market segment, more and more companies are heavily investing in R&D to come up with tomorrow’s winning technology. But technological trends are only half of the picture; on the communication front, car companies are eager to dress themselves in green. In China, many foreign automotive brands have begun to create innovative taglines and slogans in Mandarin.
In this Slogan Analysis we will firstly analyze the meaning of three eco-car slogans. We will then discuss Volkswagen and Honda’s differing choice of colours to symbolize the environment, as well as Toyota’s choice to not mention the environment in its Chinese communication for Prius, while heavily emphasizing its environmental credentials in the US. Lastly, we will look at concepts that other similar car slogans call on to reach their target audiences in China.
Volkswagen: “蓝•创未来” (pronounced lán chuŕng wči lái)
 蓝:blue
 创:create
 未来:future
Chinese name association: The slogan literally means “the color blue creates our future”. In this slogan, the key word is Blue (蓝) and its significance is profound. The colour blue conveys an image of purity, balance, preciseness and technology. The word also refers to elements such as the sky and the ocean. The colour blue, in Chinese as in English, also brings to mind the word “Blueprint” (蓝图), a well thought-out plan to achieve something ambitious. As a blue print is a technical document that is future oriented, it makes sense for Volkswagen to associate their brand with this concept. The Chinese slogan “蓝•创未来” clearly expresses Volkswagen’s determination to utilize its BlueMotion Technology to build a brighter future.
Honda Civic: “以绿色科技描绘未来” (yǐlǜ sč kē jě miáo huě wči lái)
 绿色:green
 科技:technology
 描绘:describe
 未来:future
Chinese name association: The slogan can be translated as “Let green technology describe the future”. The colour green symbolizes nature and the environment, while “green technology” refers to the eco-friendly hybrid technology. Like Volkswagen’s slogan, Honda’s slogan expresses the firm’s desire to build a greener future through technology. The major difference, however, is that Honda makes a bolder and more direct statement rather than relying on subtle connotations.
Regarding the Chinese word “描绘”, figuratively it means “to describe”, while its direct meaning is “to paint”. Thus, the Chinese slogan can have a second expression: to paint the future with the green (ecological) color. This gives the tagline strong imagery in addition to its verbal meaning. Furthermore, “Civic”, the English brand name of the vehicle, relates to the citizen. Honda’s original idea for using this name was to position this vehicle for the mass market; however, when considered in relation to the car’s green technology, the meaning is transformed into civic or social responsibility for the environment.

Toyota Prius: 科技先驱,启动未来 (kējěxiānqū, qǐdňngwčilái)
 科技:technology
 先驱:pioneer
 启动:start
 未来:future
Chinese name association: Literally the slogan means “Advanced technology powers the future”. What is surprising in this slogan is the absence of any mention to nature or green technology specifically.
The car brand name Prius refers to the word “prior” in Latin, meaning before, previously, formerly, etc. Similarly, in the Chinese slogan, the word “pioneer” has the same connotation as the word “Prius” in Latin. According to Toyata, the company chose this name because they regard Prius vehicle as the predecessor of cars to come. This message is also reinforced in the Chinese slogan.
Several interesting points for discussion arise from this analysis:
Green vs. blue: which colour symbolizes the environment?
Both Volkswagen and Honda have created special slogans emphasizing their environmental characteristics; however, they differ in their choice of color to support their promises. Generally speaking, the colour green has been used most often to represent the environment, so blue may seem an odd choice for eco-friendly car technologies. However, the color blue, as we outlined earlier, is not only associated with images of the sky and ocean and notions of purity, it is also closely associated with technology. It is thus an excellent choice for companies who want to emphasize the technological aspect of a product while still appealing to eco-conscious consumers. To be truly successful, eco-products must find customers outside their traditional base (young, educated eco-conscious professionals) and remind other consumer groups that eco-friendliness and technological performance are not mutually exclusive notions.
A hybrid that forgets the environment?
As we saw earlier, the Toyota Prius’ Chinese slogan completely ignores the environment or nature; however, a hybrid vehicle is inherently environmentally friendly. The Chinese slogan stands in stark contrast to its American counterpart: “Prius, mean but green”. This revision in communicated meaning demonstrates differences that exist in consumer perceptions and mindsets in China as compared to other countries. While in the US, consumers respond very well to environment-related messages; the Chinese customer may not yet place a high value on this. References to the car’s performance may be more likely to woo the Chinese consumer. Alternatively, Toyota may have felt that since the Prius is a hybrid car which is inherently environmentally friendly, this is sufficient emphasis on the environment for the Chinese market.

Technology, future, and the environment
The slogans we have analyzed mention three important elements: technology, the future, and the environment. A look at a sample of 93 other car slogans show that performance, lifestyle, future, technology and design are mentioned more frequently than the environment. This might seem surprising, but confirms the need for companies to develop messages that go beyond “Be green and good” and appeal to a wider group of potential customers. It seems a lot of communication by car companies in China is still focusing on performance.

Don’t Be Scared When Buying A Car

Don’t Be Scared When Buying A Car

Car buying can be a scary idea for many people, and that’s true whether you’re buying a new or a used car. The problem isn’t the cars, they can’t bite, the problem is the sales men. They do have teeth and can give you what sounds like one hell of a deal!

When you are buying a car you must be realistic and not get carried away, you should also stand your ground. Car sales people are very clever, they will try to sell you what they have in stock, rather than what you really want.

If you go in wanting a 4×4 and come out with a sports car, the only person that will find it amusing is the sales man. Ok so there is a small chance you will never regret buying a sports car, but in the winter you could well wind up wishing that you stood your ground and brought a nice 4×4.

So rule number one, stand your ground! Don’t get pushed around by the sales people, because only you know what you want.

Cars can be quite difficult to buy because the technology changes on a pretty much daily basis, ok well maybe not that quickly. Cars now come with air conditioning as standard; a few years ago this was relatively unknown. Cars also now have xenon headlamps, which are supposed to offer us a brighter, clearer light.

Because of this, cars are specialist knowledge and so it’s really easy for a con man, oh I’m sorry sales man to pull the wool over your eyes.

There are good things about this modern car market though, there is a lot of competition, and therefore there are a lot of deals going around at the moment. It should be possible to negotiate. You should never pay the price on the label, you must always negotiate. Few people like negotiating when buying a new car, but you must!

So rule number 2 when buying a car is to negotiate! You should screw the sales man as hard as possible. Remember to ask for extras early on, before you sign anything. If you want mats and mud flaps thrown in, then ask once you’ve got the price down. The process should go like this:

1. Negotiate on price
2. When you think the price is lowest negotiate on extras

Buying a new car can be a very exciting time for most people, however it’s important to not to get carried away and drive your new car as soon as you get it. It is very important to calm down, take a deep breath, and inspect the car before you drive away.

It’s often the case that you are so excited that it’s so easy to miss things, just tiny little defects may not appear apparent. However should you drive away with this car it will be much harder to get these faults rectified later on.

You should take the car on a test drive before purchasing it to make sure it handles ok on the road. Cars can be quite temperamental things, and you certainly don’t want to be buying trouble.

People rely upon their cars for day to day life, and so if it broke down it could be disastrous. You should buy a reliable car. If you’re buying used, there’s nothing wrong with that, and in fact it’s sensible. Just make sure you are buying a good, honest car, that won’t end up costing you much more than you paid for it.

Once you’ve got it home, then you can be excited about it! Just never compare it to your baby, that never goes very well for some reason.

Cardio Training For Fat Loss – Should I Do It Before Or After My Weight Training For Best Results?

Cardio Training For Fat Loss – Should I Do It Before Or After My Weight Training For Best Results?

When it comes to fat loss, one of THE most frequently-asked questions I get is “to maximize fat loss, should I do my cardio before or after my weight training?”

I know there are times when I like to be kept in suspense…

But I’m not going to do that to you here…

Physiologically speaking, if maximum fat loss is your goal and you want to incorporate cardio into your training schedule, you’re better off doing your cardio training immediately AFTER your weight training.

Here’s why:

1. When you do weight training first, you have more energy and strength for that weight training.

I know cardio junkies won’t want to hear this, but intense, QUALITY weight training is actually MORE effective for fat loss than cardio training. Why the emphasis on quality? Well, if you go to the gym and just flail around with light weights for 30 minutes, it’s not really going to be very effective for fat loss.

However, if you really put some effort into it and train hard, the metabolic boost you get from weight training (in terms of not only calories burned while doing it but the increase in metabolism after AND the increase in muscle mass you get from weight training) is greater than the boost you get from cardio training. And, when compared to slow, long-duration cardio training, that boost is MUCH greater.

So by performing your weight training FIRST, while you’re fresh, you’re going to have more energy to put into it and you’re going to be stronger. This will increase metabolic and muscle mass stimulation and therefore overall fat loss. It’s a win-win situation!

That’s not to say you can’t do a couple of minutes of cardio as a general warm-up before starting into the weights…just don’t do an entire cardio session before weight training. Always keep in mind that the weight training is the REAL engine behind your fat loss efforts.

And if THAT isn’t enough to convince you to do cardio after weights, I’ve got another reason for you…

2. Performing weight training first decreases available blood sugar and puts the body in “fat burning” mode.

When you train with weights, you’re performing short, intense muscle contractions. Glucose (blood sugar) is the preferred fuel for driving these intense contractions. As you go through your workout, your body gradually uses up its readily-available supply of sugars and starts mobilizing fat for energy.

Here’s the key…mobilizing bodyfat for energy is a process that takes time. If you do your cardio first, your body will be initially working on that blood sugar before getting started on the bodyfat. By the time you’re done with cardio and move to weights, THAT is when you’re in the optimal fat-burning mode.

But the problem is, fat is NOT an efficient fuel for weight training. By doing cardio first, you use up all the “good” stuff for weight training and force your body to make do with a less powerful fuel source. Your weight training workouts will decrease in quality and your cardio efforts won’t be as effective for achieving fat-burning, which is your primary goal!

So basically, you’re shooting yourself in the foot TWICE!

Think of your body as a hybrid gas-electric car. This car uses gas to provide more power for acceleration and electricity to provide long-term power for maintaining speed.

Now think of blood sugar as gas and weight training as powerful acceleration. When you press the pedal (performing weight training), you’re going to get much better acceleration when you’re using the proper fuel (i.e. gas).

If you try and power the acceleration with electricity, you’ll go forward but not nearly as quickly as if you were using gas.

The bottom line is this…perform your weight training first so you use up the “fast” energy first. Then, by the time you hit the cardio, you’re ALREADY in fat-burning mode and every single second you’re doing that cardio is going to be burning more fat than if you did it first.

These two reasons apply no matter if you’re doing slower, long-duration cardio or high-intensity interval training (which I recommend). The key thing to keep in mind is that WEIGHT TRAINING is what’s going to help you change your body FAST…cardio is a useful tool for improving your results but it’s NOT what drives your fat-loss results.

And that being said, if you absolutely feel you MUST do your cardio first, I’m NOT going to tell you it’s the worst thing in the world…the fact that you’re doing SOMETHING trumps doing nothing ANY day of the week!

But if you’re looking for maximum impact for the time and effort you’re putting your training, DEFINITELY hit the weights first and cardio after.